2017 - Celebrating our 80th Birthdays... This year we both celebrated our eightieth birthdays: Patricia in June and Bruce in December, and next March we will have been married for fifty seven years. It's truly scary how time flys past when you are busy and also having fun! This photo was taken last June when we combined both Patricia's birthday and had a house warming over two weekends. First our special car friends, then followed the next weekend with our other friends and neighbors.

We are now about ninety percent done with the house remodel with mainly landscaping tasks left for next Spring when we will begin the new plantings. The exterior was repainted during the summer and all new outside lighting installed, so we are actually starting to relax at last. Patricia has played lots of golf this year and is enjoying her new golf cart which certainly saves on the walking over eighteen holes. Bruce has decided at last to step back from all business and community activities and 'smell the roses', metaphorically speaking of course!



First Fairway, Sudden Valley - November 3, 2017
The Snow Goddess emptied the skies very early this Fall, even before we put the clocks back!
This will be our first full winter season at our new home and we have been preparing for possible power outages. We have set up a generator that will support about eighty five percent of all our electrical needs for the whole house. It is linked to the main panel so all we need to do is flip a few switches and we're ready

After these snowfalls, the golf course becomes a haven for all kinds of bird life, especially when there are some remaining large puddles around - flocks of ducks, Canada geese and even large non-migratory birds abound. This photo of our house was taken by our friend Werner on one of his December walks

This is our home location in Sudden Valley on Lake Whatcom on the first fairway of the front nine holes


Down to just one Jag!

One of the sacrifices we had to make was in terms of garage space, so Patricia and I did some negotiating and ended up with her Audi and golf cart and my Jaguar XF and our MGB. Somehow we figured a way to get them all in a smaller area but regretably the Mercedes Benz E 320 had to go. We shall miss it because it was a lovely daily driving car and very reliable but we didn't want to just leave it in the driveway.

All these changes led me to review just how lucky I have been over the years to have owned so many of these great cars and so I decided to dedicate a page on 'The Jaguar Connection' section of this website. If interested you can see them here.


Looking forward to 2018

We cannot leave 2017 without reflecting on the sad loss of several dear friends and also others who are battling serious health issues both here and in England. It's a time to be grateful for good health and supportive friends.

Our caring thoughts and best New Year wishes to all our relatives and friends.
May you be healthy, happy and have a wonderful 2018 .

With Love and Best Wishes,

Patricia and Bruce


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