2022 - Plenty of upheaval and a forever home

As the more restrictive aspects of the pandemic loosened, this year afforded us the opportunity to make the changes to our lifestyle that we have been planning for the last two years: a home more commensurate with our needs for comfort and accessability. Some thought us crazy to take on such a project in our eighty fifth year, but we knew it had to be accomplished while we were still relatively fit and strong enough to see it through, So, after much turmoil; and some associated stress, it is all behind us now and we can relax in our new and very pleasant environment. Lynden is a beautiful little town with a strong Dutch influence, just north of Bellingham and we are situated on a private road and on the sixth tee of Raspberry Ridge Golf Course.


Working with a talented realtor, this Spring we were able to snatch up a home we had been watching for over two years and at the same time we retained an interior design company as well as an extremely competent general contractor to commence a formidably comprehensive remodel of the entire home, including removing walls and replacing everything throughout. Despite challenging supply chain deadlines, with the assistance of several local suppliers whom we had known over many years, the project was virtually completed in eight months! Excellent teamwork by all involved - the results can be seen by clicking on the link here:


Meanwhile, our great realtor was able to sell our Sudden Valley home in three days at the height of the market and the buyer generously allowed us to stay on rent free for an additional two months after closing. (We still had to stay at a delightful local Airbnb for a further month until we could physically move to our new home without unduly disturbing the contractors). Luckily, we were able to also bring our golf cart with us and even got a few quick games in at the end of summer.

For a change, cars have naturally been a back burner consideration this year and Patricia insists on keeping her faithful Audi although Bruce sadly had to give up the Jaguar XF because of space issues in the garage. (We moved the laundry appliances to the back wall of the garage to make space for a dedicated office), so that meant a shorter wheelbase SUV compromise. Bruce ended up going to the dark side and acquired a Porsche Macan which he is still getting used to.


Cautiously anticipating 2023

Needless to say, after all that we had a very quiet Thanksgiving and plan a similarly subdued Christmas as we re-gather ourselves for the coming year. It seems that 2023 will auger some serious economic challenges that will affect us all one way or another,

We wish all our dear friends and relatives a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy and successful New Year - and by the way, we'll be ready for visitors by then!!

With Love and Best Wishes,

Patricia and Bruce



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