2021 - Slowly getting out from under

Having received all three stages of the Pfizer vaccine together with a steady input of immune system protection supplements, 2021 has been a slow and cautious return to some degree of normal life. Of course, the ubiquitous face masks are still a requirement of every day encounters outside of our home and one misses the camouflaged friendly smiles of neighbors and shopkeepers. But equally concerning now are the effects of the increasing economic and cultural debacle by this abysmal administration and how we can survive all of that.


The highlight of 2021 was of course our Diamond Wedding Anniversary. We had hoped to celebrate this special day on a more personal level, gathered with family and friends but alas the pandemic made any such face to face event impossible. So instead we created a video memento of Memories of Sixty Years of Family and Friendships . We are pleased to share this video with you celebrating our Diamond Anniversary here is the link: https://youtu.be/FUIqJBoJbDo It is our way of reminding you all how important you are in our lives. We apologize in advance that we could not include photos of more of you, predominantly for reasons of bandwidth and the limits of our digital photo library. Rest assured that you were there in spirit and in our thoughts as we produced this video memento.



The little red MGB turned fifty this year!

To celebrate the MGB attaining the age of fifty and having owned it on and off for over twenty three years we decided to embark on a major overhaul of the engine which took a lot longer than we expected. Nevertheless we did eventually get to enjoy driving around local country roads with an engine that is as good as new and the rest of the car in immaculate condition. Although it is now safely tucked away for the winter months, it is ready for next spring and a full summer's driving.
Thanks to Ron and his team at Northwest European Autoworks for a job well done!


Continue to stay healthy and safe in 2022

We spent a quiet but happy Thanksgiving with our friends Jackie and Maggie. Since the border with Canada did not open until November 30, we can only expect limited Christmas visits from family and friends, as we also continue to reduce our own travel plans.

Wishing you a Wonderful and Happy Christmas!
With Love and Best Wishes,

Patricia and Bruce


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